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Equus Health is pleased to announce the return of Equus Ozvet Sun Off. This is the original Equus Ozvet Sun Off from Australia and is a powerful and effective complete sun block, barrier and sunburn soother.


Equus Ozvet Sun Off is ideal for use on horses and ponies with light skin pigmentation. It is a thick white cream with a lightly concentrated sun filter to protect against the suns harmful UV rays. This cream can be used on broken skin as it acts as a healing agent as well as a sun block.


Apply every 2 to 3 days and allow time to dry (approx 20 mins) before allowing your horse or pony to come into contact with grass, hay, feed or water.  


Nicky Sherry and her horse, Silver Zourra have recently obtained sponsorship from Cornwall based Equus Health. Both Nicky and Equus Health are based in the county and it is encouraging to see a local company recognising local talent.


Zourra is a 12year old Arab mare by the well known Endurance stallion Khairo and is following in her dad’s footsteps. 2011 proved to be very successful with Zourra finishing 4th in the Senior Championship and 2nd in the Senior Grand Prix Trophy.


Nicky trains Zourra and her other horses on Bodmin Moor which can be almost ideal training conditions. The results that she has obtained over the years are helped by these almost ideal training grounds. In 2011 the duo qualified for the European Championships by completing the 160k FEI 3* at Haywood Oaks, recently bettering the result by winning the FEI 3* 160k at Haywood Oaks a couple of weeks ago.


Equus Health is based locally to Nicky and is run by Margaret Cox who also lives locally. The company has existed for around 20 years and was started up in the area with the products distributed throughout the South West. They supply herbal feed supplements – some of their own preparation, and homeopathic natural remedies. The products used to make the preparations are of Human Grade.


Margaret is working closely with Nicky and Zourra to help keep Zourra in tip top condition. In particular it has been found that the Gastro-Kalm has played an important role in aiding Zourra’s digestive system. This along with the companies own herbal mix of Winter Glow and Brewers Yeast have made a huge difference to Zourra’s well being.


For further information on the products produced by Equus Health visit www.equushealth.org.uk

Gastro-Kalm an Exciting NEW Product by Equus Health

It is thought that nearly half of all horses experience some degree of stomach ulceration. This is caused by a modern lifestyle which prevents the horse from trickle feeding in the manner he evolved to do.  Unlike humans, the horse produces stomach acid continuously, so if his stomach is regularly empty the sensitive lining can become sore and painful, leading to digestive upset, poor performance and eventually ulcers. 


At the current time, many of recommended treatment regimes are incredibly expensive, but this does not always need to be the case. 


Uniquely, Gastro-Kalm is pelleted and has undergone unique manufacturing methods which ensure that the pellets dissolve instantly upon arriving in the stomach. Pellets mix easily into the feed and are easy to handle and mess free.

Here is what some of our suppliers and customers had to say about Gastro-Kalm: 


Chris from Gommes .... “I had been looking for a product like this for sometime so I was really pleased to promote Gastro-Kalm. It has proved a fantastic product, helping several laminitics and many with loose droppings who had been affected by the variable grazing. It even helped my own horse after he suffered with gas colic. I will continue recommending it as it is effective and affordable....’  


Mary from Country Equestrian was equally delighted to hear that her shop was also a winner and attributes their success to the effectiveness of the product. ...”We have had excellent feedback from all our customers and everyone has re-ordered so I am really confident to recommend it. It has become one of our best-selling Equus Health products so we now stock the larger size due to demand. Gastro-Kalm is so much more affordable than other digestive aids, especially those for ulcers,  and with great feedback it is an obvious choice.....” 


Says Lucy from thesaddleryshop.co.uk, "….Gastro-Kalm has been a great seller for us so I was really pleased to hear that we had won the competition against retailers from all over the country.  The charcoal in Gastro-Kalm is not only useful for the known digestive upsets such as ulcers etc but one of our specialist areas at The Saddlery Shop is barefoot horses, and the health of the gut is paramount for the health of hooves! Gastro-Kalm helps to clear the toxins from the horses system, especially if they are a little footy due to low grade laminitis and with other measures can help to return a horse to full soundness much quicker than when not using such a product….."


”I am delighted to be stocking Equus Health products and find them excellent, well priced and they fly out the door. The new Gastro-Kalm product is selling very well with customers having great success, one in particular had tried many products over the years on her 30 year old pony to help with loose droppings nothing worked until she tried this product with quick results. I am more than happy to recommend Equus Health and Gastro-Kalm. 
Sean Kell owner of The Feed Warehouse, Browney. Co Durham 8/1/13

Hi Margaret,

Just wanted to thank you again for the charcoal – it has been a massive success! Completely out performed the veterinary drugs including the steroids. She is happier than she has been since about a week old! Such a relief.

Claire Davies

I bought Archie about two and half years ago pretty much fresh off the race track. Since I've had him I've had problems with him stressing in his stable. He has had a few accidents in the past year meaning he has had to spend a lot of time on box rest. This has been very stressful for me as well.


The vet has been out on many occasions after Archie has shown signs similar to colic and just generally stressed. I had read about gastric ulcers and that they are common in racehorses and have seen a lot of supplements on the market to help with these. I'm not really one for feeding supplements but I took Sonja's advice to try Archie on Equus Health Gastro - Kalm. Sonja said I should see results within a few days.  


Since Archie has been on the Gastro - Kalm it's like having a different horse! On days where the weather has been particularly bad, I've been able to leave him in for the day with no worries. Before I would need to have him turned out early normally by 8.30am at the very latest and left out as late as possible no matter what the weather. Just the other day for instance, I finished my night shift at work and had some errands to run so didn't get to Archie until about 11am. He was quite happy just munching on the remainder of his hay even though all the other horses had been turned out already.


Equus Health Gastro - Kalm is amazing! I never thought I would see such a difference in Archie. I've gone from having such a stressed out horse who seemed to be making himself more ill the more he stressed to having such a laid back boy! Yes he still marches me to the field and he'll have a buck and a kick and canter off to the other end of the field but he's no longer working himself into a sweat and madly box walking or bucking in his stable because I haven't got on the yard first.


I would like to say thank you to Equus Health for providing this 'miracle' supplement and thank you to Sonja for advising me to try it. I've been recommending it to everyone I know!



Kelly Gyenes and Archie :) 

Silver Zourra competes in the sport of Endurance Riding and was diagnosed with gastric ulcers early in 2012. Having completed the treatment recommended by the vet I now need to keep Zourra’s digestive system in as neutral state as possible without the excess acid that caused the initial problems. The nature of her career means that she is subjected to a fairly stressful training and competition regime which had not helped her digestive system and also probably contributed to the gastric ulcers. Equus Health have helped me with this problem and recommended feeding Gastro-Kalm, being a palatable form of charcoal. This has been very successful with Zourra’s digestive system now working as it should be. The product is very easy to feed and is eaten in a normal feed with no problems. Zourra’s appetite has improved and she has changed from a fussy eater to clearing up all of her feed at a reasonable rate. Being so easy to feed and a reasonable price mean that I would feed this as a matter of course to all my competition horses.


Nicky Sherry

Hi Claire,

I used the Gastro-Kalm and its been great.   He is eating it much more readily than the happy tummy as it is less discrete in his feed bowl and doesn’t turn his feed black!


He had recent mild colic symptoms shortly after  I moved him to a new home, probably a little gassed up off the new grazing, but fortunately I increased his charcoal and he has been fine since.


It works out cheaper AND I can get it from the Feed Warehouse which is along the road from me in more manageable sized tubs so easier tobudget.


Thank you  so much - I will be recommending this to all my friends who have previously recommended charcoal to.!


Thanks again Mel Bambra

Lumin8 a fantastic NEW product added to the Approved and Recommended Section


The ultimate coat and skin conditioner. Made from naturally occurring Omega 3, 6, 9, 7, vitamins and antioxidants.

Want a horse that shines all year round?

Are you sick of rubbing, shampoos, brushing and spraying to get a gloss finish that only last a few hours?

Well now you can have a show shine all year round, less brushing, less grooming, simply add this unique oil as used by the roman horseman over 2000 years ago, to the feed just four days a week and wait.

Lumin8 will benefit – 


  • Dull coats
  • Flaky itchy skin
  • Poor hair follicle condition
  • Restricted joint mobility
  • Soft hooves
  • Poor digestion
  • Excitable horses
  • Reduce your food bill

Lumin8 made from “the bush that makes horses shine”


Some customer feedback:

“I have now used Lumin8 for several years on my ridden horses, broad mares and young stock. I have noticed that one mare with itchy skin improved dramatically with the use of Lumin8 and all the young stock did extremely well when it was fed to them.

Improved coat shine, good skin condition, proper growth of bones and joints, better digestion values which vastly reduced my feed bill among many others. The ridden horses have all the same benefits. Plus it helps with movement of some of the older horses. I would recommend this to anyone as a general feed supplement for any type of horse”

Dr Emma Fretwell DC (Doctor of Equine Chairopractioning)

“I’ve seen a huge change in coat and condition. The shine is so good that brushing is no longer a chore because the hair is so silky. Soil and mud simply doesn’t seem to stick. The farm is based on heavy clay fields which is usually the worst to get out. Once the clay is dry just a quick rub over with you hand and the clay comes off as dust”

Allison, North Yorkshire.

“My horse suffered severely with sweet itch, so much so that she had rubbed her tail head close to the bone. We fed her Lumin8 which improved the skin quality which lead to the itching stopping within three months. Within these three months the hair on her tail head had begun to grow back”

Carla, Nottinghamshire.





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