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Specialist Conditions
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An excellent aid for fearful situations. Use prior or after the event or 'panic situation'. A v..
Agnus Castus (also known as Chaste Berry) is the active ingredient in most hormonal supplements..
A homeopathic remedy used by homeopathic veterinarians and homeopathic practioners for horses and po..
Comfrey leaves have earnt the name 'Knitbone', traditionally used on bone, cartlidge ..
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) may be used internally or externally. A naturally occuring mineral,..
Fennel seeds are reputed to have a relaxing effect on the digestive organs, including gassy or uncom..
Acts as a blood cleanser when added to feed. A small amount used daily can help with itchy skin..
Gastro-Kalm is the ultimate gut filter absorbing gasses and toxins within the stomach. 500g will las..
Healthy Gut, pure live protected yeast that works as a probiotic. Just as some say ‘no foot, no h..
Excellent homeopathic aid for itchy horses and ponies who are prone to biting insects. Can be u..
Malandrinum supports horses/ponies with mud related problems and itchy skin. ..
Milk Thistle has become a popular herb used to provide nutritional support for a healthy liver funct..
Homeopathic support for seasonal based sensitivities. Contains approximately 50 tablets..
Mud Aid helps support skin challenged by mud related problems.  ..
General blood cleanser and conditioner. A good source of iron, Nettle is also rich in Vitamin C, iro..