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Well known natural Joint support. Long used by vets, stables and riders to support joints, helping t..
Equi-Ease contains a combination of fast acting liquid botanical extracts to help ease joint pain as..
Our unpasteurised cider vinegar is a good source of Vitamins A & C and phosphorous, fo..
Clivers is a popular herb for horses reputed to provide support for the lymphatic and glan..
Clivers & Marigold are known as 'sister' herbs, reputed to provide support for th..
High grade 100% Cod Liver Oil, rich in Vitamins A and D, Lineleic and Omega 3. An old age answer ..
Comfrey leaves have earnt the name 'Knitbone', traditionally used on bone, cartlidge ..
Native to Africa, Devils Claw is a widely used herb that may help with stiffness foun..
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A synergistic combination of Pure MSM, naturally derived from pine needles and Glucosamine HCL makes..
Can be beneficial to all horses/ponies but particularly performance and breeding animals, as an aid ..
Pure Glucosamine Hydrachloride. A 'building block' of cartlidge present in all of us but extra ..
Pure MSM with no added fillers. MSM is a safe, natural organic Sulphur. Taken internally, MSM is ..
Homepathic aid for muscle aches due to 'over doing it'. Also supportive for general stiffness. ..
Selenium is an important trace mineral, acting as an antioxidant. It can help with muscle ..
Turmeric has been used for thousands of years, traditionally used for digestion, skin and joints.&nb..