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Equus Health Calming Mix encourages a relaxed temperament, improving focus and reducing tension and ..
Useful for horses that have become rundown as a result of transportation, overwork or exposure to co..
A natural stress release used in cases of restlessness and tension, gently calms and relaxes.  ..
Clivers is a popular herb for horses reputed to provide support for the lymphatic and glan..
Clivers & Marigold are known as 'sister' herbs, reputed to provide support for th..
Comfrey leaves have earnt the name 'Knitbone', traditionally used on bone, cartlidge ..
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) may be used internally or externally. A naturally occuring mineral,..
Our famous, fast acting herbal supplement contains a combination of botanical extracts to help calm ..
Happy is a combination of liquid botanical extreacts to help support horses that are feeling depress..
A combination of herbs shown to have immune system enhancing and direct anti-viral, anti-bacterial, ..
A fast acting 100% herbal tincture of Valerian to calm and relax. - Calms and reduces anxiety ..
Everyday Balancer is exactly what it says on the tin. A broad spectrum range of essential vitamins a..
Gastro-Kalm is the ultimate gut filter absorbing gasses and toxins within the stomach. 500g will las..
Healthy Gut, pure live protected yeast that works as a probiotic. Just as some say ‘no foot, no h..
Multi purpose Meadowsweet is commonly known as a ‘pick me up’ and commonly used for aches and pains...
General blood cleanser and conditioner. A good source of iron, Nettle is also rich in Vitamin C, iro..