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Calming Mix Encourages relaxed temperament, improves focus, reduction of tension and nervousness...
Celery Seeds Acting on the digestive system it provides an internal warming effect. Also used to ..
Chamomile Flowers A natural stress reliver for use in cases of restlessness and tension. Gently c..
Clivers A popular herb for horses, reputed to provide support for the lymphatic and glandular sys..
Clivers & Marigold Two herbs to aid the lymphatic system. Consider for use with filled legs a..
Comfrey Leaves Comfrey Leaf has earned the name 'Knitbone', traditionally used on bone, cartilage..
Detox Mix A complementary blend of herbs to help remove excess toxins and to stimulate the immune..
Epsom Salts An excellent emergency source or 'kick-start' for a deficiency. Useful for horses suf..
Equi Calm A combination of herbal tinctures traditionally used for stress and anxiety.   ..
Equi Happy A combination of herbal tinctures to help support low mood in unhappy mares.  ..
Equi Immune A combination of herbal tinctures traditionally to maintain and support the immune sy..
Equi V-Chill Pure tincture of Valerian to calm and relax.   Feeding Guide Horses – ..
Everyday Balancer A broad-spectrum range of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your horse in..
Gastro-Kalm Gastro-Kalm is the ultimate gut filter absorbing gasses and toxins within the stomach..
Healthy Gut Healthy Gut, pure live protected yeast that works as a probiotic. Healthy Gut ensures..
Hedge Mix A tasty combination of herbs that horses would naturally seek out when out at gras..