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Injuries, Cuts & Wounds

Injuries, Cuts & Wounds
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Aloe Vera Gel Stabilised gel from the whole leaf aloe vera.   Feeding Guide Use dai..
Aloe Vera Spray Stabilised concentrate from the whole leaf aloe vera.   Feeding Guide ..
Equus Health Arnica is derived from the mountain plant Arnica Montana and is known for its..
Boswellia Powder (Premium) Supports ligament, tendon and joint health to sustain all-round mobili..
Comfrey Leaves Comfrey Leaf has earned the name 'Knitbone', traditionally used on bone, cartilage..
Epsom Salts An excellent emergency source or 'kick-start' for a deficiency. Useful for horses suf..
Equi V-Chill Pure tincture of Valerian to calm and relax.   Feeding Guide Horses – ..
Flexi Limbs Encourages more flexible, pain-free joints. A combination of pure MSM and Glucosamine..
Flexi Limbs Plus A concentrated blend of key ingredients in an optimum ration to provide support ..
Glucosamine Glucosamine HCL is essential in aiding the production of cartilage, ligaments, tendon..
Marshmallow Root Marshmallow Root is traditionally fed to help soothe the digestive system. Co..
MSM A rich source of Sulphur essential for the healthy growth of ligaments, tendons, soft tissue,..
Ozvet Cream A quality cream that sticks like 'glue' to most affected areas, ensuring complete cov..
Ozvet Sun Off A thick white cream with sun filter protection against UV radiation. May be used on..
Accident Aid is a combination remedy of Rhus Tox, Ruta Grav and Arnica; for horses and ponies who ha..
An excellent aid for fearful situations. Use prior or after the event or 'panic situation'. A v..