February 2016 - New product! Omega 3 Salmon Oil


We are very excited to announce the launch of our new product unveiled at BETA 2016, Omega 3 Salmon Oil. Omega 3 Salmon Oil is a sustainably farmed alternative solution for those who recognise the benefits of feeding Cod Liver Oil.


Traditionally fed to horses to promote all round good health, Salmon Oil provides a superior source of Omega 3 fatty acids; Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These acids form beneficial hormones called eicosanoids that reduce inflammation.


DHA has also been shown to increase red blood cell flexibly. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to the muscles. When they are flexible they slip and slide past each other better, creating more efficient blood flow and oxygen delivery. These same cells are responsible for removing lactic acid from the muscles on their return trip to the lungs.


For breeders, stallions fed fish oil may show an increased sperm count.


Summary of the reported benefits of Salmon Oil:


·      A good source of energy

·      Anti-inflammatory properties

·      Contains DHA which improves blood flow, circulation and oxygen delivery

·      Stallions may show an increased sperm count


Omega 3 Salmon Oil is available in three sizes and is also suitable for dogs. 


1 litre – RRP £6.20

2 litre – RRP £8.50

4 litre – RRP £15.75


Also suitable for dogs. 



January 2016 - Fussy Feeders


Have you got a fussy feeder? Trying to encourage a fussy feeder can be frustrating, they may be just fussy or something may have upset them.

Here's our top tips for encouraging a fussy feeder:


1) Make the meal more tempting, by splitting into smaller feeds or adding Spearmint, a well known food appetiser.


2) Check their teeth and look out for signs of quidding. Horses may be reluctant to eat or may not get the full benefit of their feed if they are uncomfortable in the mouth.


3) Consider adding a 'pick me up', such as Echinacea which provides day to day support and promotes the immune system.


4) Increased turnout can also help encourage appetite by reducing stress and helping relaxation.


5) An overload of starch or upset in the digestive tract can put some horses off their food, consider trying a supplement such as Gastro-Kalm or Healthy Gut.



December 2015 - New product launch, Healthy Gut


We are delighted to announce the launch of a new product – Healthy Gut, pure live protected yeast. 


Just as some say ‘no foot, no horse’, at Equus Health we believe good health starts from the inside out. Imbalances in the gastro-intestinal tract can be caused by changes to diet, stable management, exercise levels, lack of access to water, transportation and the administration of antibiotics, prescribed drugs and wormers.


Healthy Gut contains pure live yeast. Pure live yeast is scientifically proven to aid digestion. The yeast works as a probiotic helping balance the microbes in the gastro-intestinal tract. Healthy Gut ensures the yeast reaches the large intestine (also known as the hind gut), where two thirds of horse’s energy comes from the fermentation of fibre.


Healthy Gut may help horses that have loose droppings, laminitis, certain types of colic, acidosis, ulcers or those who struggle to absorb vitamins & minerals.


Designed to be fed daily, Healthy Gut is approved by the EU for feeding to horses of all ages and offers excellent value for money at £29.99 for 100 days supply. 



November 2015 - The Benefit of Fats and Oils


Roaming across the grasslands the natural diet of a horse wouldn't be high in fat, however fats are broken down easily by the small intestine and can be an under-used source of energy for working horses and ponies.


Cereal feeds can be high in starch and sugars, which may be problamatic to some equines especially laminitics and those with hind gut conditions. 


Oils contain approximately 3.5MJ of energy per 100mls, that's 2.5 times higher than the energy found in an average cereal feed. 


Equus Health produce human food grade oils with no added fillers or ingredients in a variety of sizes, have a look at our Cod Liver oil, Soya oil and Linseed oil available from our suppliers. 


For feed advice we have a dedicated helpline - call 0845 680 9893.



October 2015 - Caring for the Veteran Horse


With the temperature starting to drop its time to think about offering support to our older horses and ponies. Here are our top tips for keeping your friend feeling happy and healthy this winter...


1) Book an appointment with an equine dentist to ensure your horse's mouth is comfortable so your horse gains maximum benefit from any feed and forage.


2) Monitor your horse's weight and act quickly on any changes in condition or behaviour.


3) Keep your horse warm and rug appropriately, a horse can lose 80% of digestible energy through trying to keep warm.


4) Regular grooming is great for bonding with your horse and will also give you the opportunity to check them over. Pick out hooves daily to prevent thrush.


5) Consider extra supplements if your horse is stiff, lacking condition or simply needs a 'pick me up'. Equus Health Veteran Mix is a great all-round supplement to help ease stiffness, add condition and support the digestive and circulatory systems.